Bente Kahan’s Awards

  • 2019 „Internationaler Brückepreis der Europastadt Görlitz/Zgorzelec”
    (the International Bridge prize of the European city  Görlitz/Zgorzelec).
  • 2017 “Honorary Citizen of Wroclaw”. chosen by the Mayor and the City Board
  • 2016 “Verdienstkreuz am Bande” (Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany) Awarded by the president of Germany
  • 2015 “POLCUL” a Polish-Australian Culture prize.
  • 2013 “Order of the Cavalier Cross of Restored Poland” awarded by the president of Poland
  • 2010 “Ambassador Wroclawia” (Wroclaw Ambassador) a title chosen by a council of honoraries in the City headed by the local edition of the Polish newspaper “Gazeta Wyborcza”.
  • 2010 “German-Polish Silesian Culture Award” Awarded by the local governments of Lower Saxony (Germany) and Lower Silesia (Poland).
  • 2010 “Award for promoting Tolerance”, Foundation for Tolerance, Poland.
  • 2006 “Wroclaw Mayor’s Award”
  • 2000 “Garantiinntekt for kunstnere”, A Lifelong Stipend for Artists by the Norwegian Arts Council. Since living in Poland, she has resigned on this very prestigious honor.
  • 1999 “JosefinesVisepris”, prize for shedding new light on the European ballad trad., Norway.

Press Reviews

  • “There cannot be many on this earth who can create equally powerful lconcerts as Bente Kahan.” Nordlys, Norway
  • “Bente Kahan makes her music soar above the stage, like a bluebird of love.” Expressen, Sweden
  • “A touching journey in time and space and back  again, into the depths of the soul and heart…..”Arbejderen, Denmark
  • “…beautiful, intelligent…a magnifice nt artist.” Gazeta Wyborcza, Poland
  • “Bente Kahan is the Diva of Jewish Music.” Mitteldeutsche Zeitung, Germany
  • “One listens with a pounding heart.” DieZeit, Germany
  • “This is not merely moving, but also uplifting for the heart.” Die Welt, Germany
  • “So much divinity flowed toward her audience on that evening.” Berliner Zeitung, Germany
  • “enduringly impressive” DieTageszeit, Germany
  • “Anastonishing from the gut performance” Time Out, Great Britain
  • “The audience went wild, nearly lifting the roof off the theatre” De Volkskrant, The Netherlands
  • “Sensitive Bente Kahan brings overwhelming beautiful performance” Zwolsche Courant, The Netherlands
  • “With stunning artistry…magnificent monodrama..” The Jewish Press Magazine, USA
  • “…marvelous performance…” JerusalemYad Vashem Quarterly Magazine, Israel