On this page you are introduced to Bente Kahan Concerts, Albums, Videos and Dramas, focusing mainly on European Jewish cultural heritage.

Since 2001, the Norwegian-born performing artist lives in Wroclaw, Poland, where she has established the Bente Kahan Foundation (Fundacja Bente Kahan) www.fbk.org.pl

Under the auspices of FBK, the 200 year old White Stork Synagogue and  the ritual bath, Mikveh, have been restored.

The foundation FBK has also been responsible for the Center for Jewish Culture and Education in the synagogue (2005-2022) with Bente Kahan as its director. In the synagogue, she directed many of her own authored theatre plays and was the producer of numerous concerts and exhibitions which attracted a broad Polish and international public.
Today, the foundation is focusing most of its work on Jewish heritage in Lower Silesia, Holocaust education and the concert and multimedia exhibition Unfinished Lives www.unfinishedlives.eu

“An Honorary Citizen of Wroclaw”

“The Diva of Jewish music”






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