Stimmen aus Theresienstadt

1. I Wander Through Theresienstadt
2. The „As If” town
3. The Talking Suitcase
4. Blue Hour in the Children’s Ward
5. The Potato Peeler
6. Letter to my Son
7. Carousel
8. Nursery Rhyme from Theresienstadt
9. I Ask most Politely
10. The Hungry
11. Theresienstadt Questions
12. Theresienstadt, the Best Place on Earth
13. The Terezin March
14. Transport to Poland
15. Wiegala

Bente Kahan: vocal/guitar
Dariusz Swinoga: accordion, piano, synth
Miroslaw Kuzniak: violin
Adam Cegielski: bass
Pawel Twardoch: percussion
Aleksander Romanski: clarinet

Recorded at studio „Hard”, Warszawa, June-October 1996
A Teater Dybbuk – Oslo production
First released by Plaene Verlag 2001