Songs from Theresienstadt



Bente Kahan sings cabaret and Ilse Weber songs written in Theresienstadt.
All the words were mainly written in German in the ghetto Theresienstadt/Terezin during WWII. The cabaret music was either written in the ghetto or taken from popular operettas. Most of the words by Ilse Weber are set to music by Bente Kahan. The musical accompaniment is provided by Dariusz Swinoga and Miroslaw Kuzniak. The concert and CD are available in three versions – German, English and Norwegian.

After the release of the German CD „Stimmen aus Thereisenstadt”:

„…The beauty in which the grief is expressed transforms into art and, at the same time, makes the accusation. One listens with a pounding heart.” Die

Zeit, 28 February 1997.

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