Under the auspices of FBK, the 200 year old White Stork Synagogue in the city was restored and completed to its former grandeur in 2010

Today, it is a vital, contemporary center, Wroclaw Center for Jewish Culture and Education, attracting a broad Polish and international public, with Bente Kahan as its Director.

The Bente Kahan Foundation is committed to furthering mutual respect and human rights through the perspective of the tragic European Jewish experience. The Foundation started its activities in 2006 with the specific goal of restoring the White Stork Synagogue and creating there a vital center for Jewish culture and education that honors and preserves the 800 year-old-history of Jews in Wroclaw and Lower Silesia.

The restoration project was completed thanks to founds from a European Economic Area grant (EEA – Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein), the City of Wroclaw, the Union of Jewish Religious Communities in Poland and its Wroclaw Branch as well as the Foundation itself. The White Stork Synagogue officially re-opened on May 6,2010. From the Statute of „The Bente Kahan Foundation”

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