Concert, Theatre Play, Dance Performance


1. Belz (Jacob Jacobs/Alexander Olshanetsky) / 4:22 /
2. Oj lernen yingele mit cheisik (trad) / 3:45 /

Carolyn Dorfman & Bente Kahan
Two artists, two continents, one legacy – an evening of dance, theatre and live music.

Echoes is and evening of dance, music and theatre that embraces the best of the American Jewish choreographer Carolyn Dorfman and the Norwegian Jewish performing artist Bente Kahan’s individual repertoires, cabaret-style intimacy and their newest collaboration.

Performing with the „Carolyn Dorfman Dance Company”, Bente Kahan becomes the „weaver of tales” alternating between her own songbook of Ladino, Yiddish, English, German music and work from Dorfman’s Cat’s Cradle, Kahan’s one woman theatre piece Voices from Theresienstadt, new coreography, live music and text. Their desire to blur the lines between art forms is the impulse for this section as they continue their individual and collective explorations of their common heritage and vision.