„There cannot be many on this earth who can create equally powerful concerts as Bente Kahan.”

Nordlys, Norway


“Bente Kahan makes her music soar above the stage, like a blue bird of love.”

Expressen, Sweden


“A touching journey in time and space and back again, into the depths of the soul and heart…..”

Arbejderen, Denmark


“…beautiful, intelligent…a magnificent artist.”

Gazeta Wyborcza, Poland


“Bente Kahan is the Diva of Jewish Music.”

Mitteldeutsche Zeitung, Germany


“One listens with a pounding heart.”

Die Zeit, Germany


“This is not merely moving, but also uplifting for the heart.”

Die Welt, Germany


“So much divinity flowed toward her audience on that evening.”

Berliner Zeitung, Germany


“enduringly impressive”

Die Tageszeit, Germany


“An astonishing from the gut performance”

Time Out, Great Britain


“The audience went wild, nearly lifting the roof off the theatre”

De Volkskrant, The Netherlands


“Sensitive Bente Kahan brings overwhelming beautiful performance”

Zwolsche Courant, The Netherlands


“With stunning artistry…magnificent monodrama..”

The Jewish Press Magazine, USA


“…marvelous performance…”

Jerusalem Yad Vashem Quarterly Magazine, Israel