Bente Kahan

performing artist, songwriter

Sing with Us in Yiddish

Concert   A Yiddish concert with Bente, her daughter Voja …

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Concert, Theatre Play, Dance Performance   1. Belz (Jacob Jacobs/Alexander …

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Bente Kahan & The Gypsy Four

Concert   Bente Kahan’s latest artistic production is a concert …

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Bente Kahan & Di Gojim BACK

Concert   In 1997, a concert was created with the …

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Wir Wollen Wachen die Nacht

Concert   Berliner Festwoche, Berlin, September 1997. Commissioned by the …

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Farewell Cracow

Concert   Bente Kahan Sings Mordechai Gebirtig A dramatic concert, …

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Yiddishkayt / Jiddischkeit

Concert   Bente Kahan presents songs from a broad Judaic …

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Bente Kahan and The White Stork Synagogue Choir

Concert   Sacred songs in Hebrew and Yiddish. Bente Kahan …

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Above the Town

Theatre Play   by Julian Garner Directed by Rita Abrahamsen …

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