Mendel Rosenbusch

15 czerwca, 2017

Theatre Play   A children performance based on Ilse Weber’s stories and adapted for stage by Bente Kahan. The performance includes Yiddish folk songs with new Polish lyrics by Aleksander Gleichgewicht. Director: Bente Kahan Scenography: Yoav Rossano Storyteller/vocal: Anna Blaut Pantomime/dancer: Jacek Wilantewicz Music arr./piano: Tomasz Kasiukewicz Light/Sound: Maciej Marchewka Polish translation of stories: Agnieszka Imiela...

Wallstrasse 13

10 czerwca, 2017

Theatre Play   written and directed by Bente Kahan Scenography: Anna Weber/Helge Hoff Monsen Premiered with: Barbara: Marzena Oberkorn Mother/Singer: Dorota Abbe Father/Werner/Theatre Director: Igor Pietraszewski Musicians:Tomasz Kasiukewicz, Igor Pietraszewski, Artur Dominik, Jacek Wegrzynowski   Still being performed in The White Stork Synagogue, Wrocław with following cast: Barbara: Marzena...

Voices from Theresienstadt

5 czerwca, 2017

Theatre Play   by Ellen Foyn Bruun and Bente Kahan. Directed by: Ellen Foyn Bruun A monodrama about five women who come from different countries, are of different ages, social class and professions. The one thing they all have in common is that they are Jewish and their paths...


30 maja, 2017

Theatre Play   by Frank Kelber with Bente Kahan A monodrama based on Shalom Aleichem’s train stories. Written and directed by the Swedish director Frank Kelber. Premiered in Oslo, December 1991.

Letter Without a Stamp

15 maja, 2017

Theatre Play   By Ellen Foyn Bruun and Bente Kahan Directed by: Ellen Foyn Bruun With Bente Kahan in both parts. A monodrama about the encounter between a Norwegian language teacher of Jewish descent and an Iranian refugee who has been tortured by the fanatical regime which has assumed...

Bessie – a Bluesical

5 maja, 2017

Theatre Play   by Ellen Foyn Bruun and Bente Kahan Directed by: Ellen Foyn Bruun With Bente Kahan as Bessie Morten Gunnar Larsen: piano Georg Michael Reiss: clarinet A monodrama with music about the queen of the blues, Bessie Smith. Premiered in Oslo, Norway, August 7,1986 After the premiere,...