30 maja, 2017

Theatre Play   by Frank Kelber with Bente Kahan A monodrama based on Shalom Aleichem’s train stories. Written and directed by the Swedish director Frank Kelber. Premiered in Oslo, December 1991.

Bente Kahan – Songs from the Ghetto

25 maja, 2017

Concert / for bookings   Bente Kahan with Marek Edelmann, a hero of the Warsaw ghetto uprising singing Mordechai Gebirtig’s song „Undzer shtetl brennt” in front of the Warsaw ghetto monument (April 19, 2006). „Songs from the Ghetto”, a one woman concert with Bente Kahan accompanying herself on the guitar, is...

Yiddish Songs – Workshop

20 maja, 2017

Concert / for booking   Bente Kahan uses her experiences as an actress and singer to reveal the joy and treasure of the Yiddish songs. Beside having had her own workshops in Israel, Norway and Germany for performing arts or music students, she has also twice assisted the eminent...

Letter Without a Stamp

15 maja, 2017

Theatre Play   By Ellen Foyn Bruun and Bente Kahan Directed by: Ellen Foyn Bruun With Bente Kahan in both parts. A monodrama about the encounter between a Norwegian language teacher of Jewish descent and an Iranian refugee who has been tortured by the fanatical regime which has assumed...

Songs from Theresienstadt

10 maja, 2017

Concert   Bente Kahan sings cabaret and Ilse Weber songs written in Theresienstadt. All the words were mainly written in German in the ghetto Theresienstadt/Terezin during WWII. The cabaret music was either written in the ghetto or taken from popular operettas. Most of the words by Ilse Weber are...

Bessie – a Bluesical

5 maja, 2017

Theatre Play   by Ellen Foyn Bruun and Bente Kahan Directed by: Ellen Foyn Bruun With Bente Kahan as Bessie Morten Gunnar Larsen: piano Georg Michael Reiss: clarinet A monodrama with music about the queen of the blues, Bessie Smith. Premiered in Oslo, Norway, August 7,1986 After the premiere,...

Sing with Us in Yiddish

30 kwietnia, 2017

Concert   A Yiddish concert with Bente, her daughter Voja and children from the Jewish school „Lauder Etz Chaim” in Wroclaw. They are accompanied by the Polish folk-music orchestra „Chudoba”. The concert had its premiere June 15, 2003, at the synagogue in Wroclaw, and has also performed in the...


25 kwietnia, 2017

Concert, Theatre Play, Dance Performance   1. Belz (Jacob Jacobs/Alexander Olshanetsky) / 4:22 / 2. Oj lernen yingele mit cheisik (trad) / 3:45 / Carolyn Dorfman & Bente Kahan Two artists, two continents, one legacy – an evening of dance, theatre and live music. Echoes is and evening...

Bente Kahan & The Gypsy Four

20 kwietnia, 2017

Concert   Bente Kahan’s latest artistic production is a concert with „The Gypsy Four”, a Gypsy Band from Slovakia. Two equal strong musical traditions meet on stage, each with their language, Yiddish and Roma. The result is a unique presentation of the culture and history of these two minorities...

Bente Kahan & Di Gojim BACK

15 kwietnia, 2017

Concert   In 1997, a concert was created with the acclaimed Dutch klezmer band Di Gojim, and became the hit of the International Jewish Festival of Amsterdam the same year. A CD with the same name was released a year later, and Bente still performs with the band, either...