Bente Kahan & The Gypsy Four



Bente Kahan’s latest artistic production is a concert with „The Gypsy Four”, a Gypsy Band from Slovakia. Two equal strong musical traditions meet on stage, each with their language, Yiddish and Roma.
The result is a unique presentation of the culture and history of these two minorities who lived side by side on the European continent for centuries.

Bente Kahan: Vocal/Guitar
Dezider Oláh: Cimbal
Jozef Kováč: Double Bass/Vocal
Peter Koza: Viola/Vocal
Marián Krnáčik: Violin/Vocal

All arrangements by Bente Kahan & The Gypsy Four

Bente Kahan & „The Gypsy Four”

I have always dreamt about a project singing Yiddish songs and being accompanied by Gypsies, who used to play on Jewish weddings and celebrations in Sighet, Romania, where my family comes from.
Much of the Gypsy’s musical cafe repertoir in central Europe has a Jewish origin.
The musicians are often aware of this fact, however, they do not always know that the tunes also have Yiddish or Hebrew texts.
In April 2006, I started to rehearse with the Slovakian string Quartet „The Gypsy Four” and realized soon that they had beautiful voices, and had a rich reperoir in ROMA.
That is how the concept of the concert developed, and became a program which presents both our cultures. Strangely, the rythm and music of the songs are not at all similar, although we use same instruments and play almost the same accords for both the Yiddish and Roma songs.
The lyrics, however, descibes often our complicated European past ,
and still, the concert is an explotion of emotions, filled with joy and love to life.