Bente Kahan & Di Gojim



In 1997, a concert was created with the acclaimed Dutch klezmer band Di Gojim, and became the hit of the International Jewish Festival of Amsterdam the same year.

A CD with the same name was released a year later, and Bente still performs with the band, either with their original program from ’97, or they accompany Bente in her performance HOME.

Founded in 1988, Di Gojim are one of the leaders of today’s European klezmer music scene. The group’s distinctive brand of Yiddish vocal and instrumental music in a theatrical setting, captivates audiences, and has made the combination with the actress Bente Kahan wild, fun, serious and profound Yiddish.

Extract from reviews:

„Bente Kahan and Di Gojim are capable of reaching into the heart of Yiddish music. The overwhelming virtuosity of Jaap Mulder goes well with the theatrical and emotional performance of Bente Kahan. She clearly possesses a beautiful voice and great theatrical talent. In the final number, 'Rumenye, Rumenye’, they all demonstrated their theatrical and musical skills so that the audience kept asking for more and more.”

Leeuwarden Courant, 13 December 1997.

„Kahan and Di Gojim played at the opening of the fifth International Jewish Music Festival in Amsterdam and the audience went wild, nearly lifting the roof off the theatre.”

De Volkskrant, Amsterdam, 27 November 1997.

„The most outstanding Dutch klezmer band, Di Gojim, and one of the most inspiring and moving singers of Yiddish songs, Bente Kahan, joined forces in a fascinating show. . . . Bente Kahan inspired Di Gojim to sing and swing on their instruments in perfect balance. Skill and warmth go hand in hand in this show of humor and passion.”

Swolse Courant, 28 November 1997.

„In a packed house, Bente Kahan and Di Gojim gave a show of outstanding quality. Bente Kahan sings with considerable passion without being sentimental. In the lament about a son who longs for his dead mother, she makes one feel as though we are seeing a new Lotte Lenia. This terrific klezmer band creates the dramatic setting which reminds one of some of Kurt Weill’s works, and that’s a reason the (band and Kahan) complement one another so well. The most important fact, however, is the incredible and virtuose way in which this perfect collaboration plays and sings Yiddish songs. . . . a show of unparalleled high standards of emotion and virtuosity. One can only remind oneself: 'Oy, dos lebn iz sheyn.’”

Friesch Dagblad, 12 December 1997.