Songs from Holocaust
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Songs from Holocaust

Bente Kahan in concert - Ani Ma`Amin   more...
For those who have never encountered Bente Kahan in concert now there is an opportunity to watch, hear and be drawn into a unique musical whirlpool.

Mendel Rosenbusch   more...
A children performance based on Ilse Weber's stories and adapted for stage.
The performance includes Yiddish folk songs with new Polish text.

Bente Kahan - Songs from the Ghetto   more...
One woman concert with Bente Kahan accompanying herself on the guitar.
Interpretation of songs and poetry written in Nazi Germany and the ghettos of
Vilnius, Krakow, Warsaw and Terezin.

Echoes   more...
Carolyn Dorfman & Bente Kahan
Two artists, two continents, one legacy - an evening of dance, theatre and live music.

Wallstrasse 13   more...
by Bente Kahan

manuscript & director: Bente Kahan
Scenography: Anna Weber/Helge Hoff Monsen

Bente Kahan & The Gypsy Four   more...
Two equal strong musical traditions meet on stage, each with their language,
Yiddish and Roma.
The result is a unique presentation of the culture and history of these two minorities
who lived side by side on the European continent for centuries.

Home   more...
Songs and tales by a European Jew.
Bente Kahan is telling her personal story with a family-tree dating back to 13th Century Spain, going through Europe and ending in Norway.

"...beautiful, intelligent... a magnificent artist..."
Gazeta Wyborcza, Poland

Farewell Cracow   more...
Yiddish Songs by Mordechai Gebirtig.
A dramatic concert which recounts the story of the inhabitants of Kazimierz,
the Jewish quarter in Cracow.

"Bente Kahan, through her very different and radiant artistry, has restored the surviving memories of Cracow's once vibrant Jewish life".
The Jewish Advocate, MA, USA, 1998

Yiddishkayt   more...
Songs from a broad Judaic repertoire.

"The Diva of Jewish Music"
Mitteldeutsche Zeitung, Germany, 1997

Bente Kahan & Di Gojim   more...
With the acclaimed Dutch Klezmer Band.

"The audience went wild, nearly lifting the roof of the theatre"
De Volkskrant, Amsterdam, 1997

Voices from Theresienstadt   more...
A musical drama by Ellen Foyn Bruun and Bente Kahan.
The drama features five fictional Jewish women - all acted by Bente Kahan - who are of different ages, from different social backgrounds and countries and happen to share the same floor in ghetto Theresienstadt's Hamburg Barracks.

"An astonishing from the gut performance".
Time Out, London, 1997

Theresienstadt Songs   more...
Bente Kahan sings cabaret and Ilse Weber songs written in Theresienstadt.

After the release of the German CD "Stimmen aus Thereisenstadt":
"...The beauty in which the grief is expressed transforms into art and, at the same time, makes the accusation. One listens with a pounding heart."
Die Zeit, 28 February 1997

Wir Wollen Wachen die Nacht   more...
Berliner Festwoche, Berlin, September 1997.

"She shows to what an enormous degree art and culture can be a comfort in the fight against fear. . . this is not merely moving, but also uplifting for the heart."
Die Welt, Berlin, 19 September 1997

Bente Kahan and The White Stork Synagogue Choir   more...
  Sacred songs in Hebrew and Yiddish.

Bente Kahan premiered with this concert on November 26, 2003, for the 800 years' celebration of the Jewish community in Wroclaw, Poland (pre-war Breslau, Germany).

Sing with Us in Yiddish   more...
  Bente Kahan and children singing favourite Yiddish songs.
A Yiddish concert with Bente, her daughter Voja and children from the Jewish school in Wroclaw. They are accompanied by the Polish folk-music orchestra "Chudoba".

Yiddish Songs - Workshop   
  Bente Kahan uses her experiences as an actress and singer to reveal the joy and treasure of the Yiddish songs. Beside having had her own workshops in Israel, Norway and Germany for performing arts or music students, she has also twice assisted the eminent klezmer clarinetist Giora Feidman's workshops in Germany in the late 90ties.

Some of Bente Kahan's other productions:

Gitl   more...
  by Frank Kelber
with Bente Kahan

A monodrama based on Shalom Aleichem's train stories.
Written and directed by the Swedish director Frank Kelber.
Premiered in Oslo, December 1991.

Letter Without a Stamp   more...
  by Ellen Foyn Bruun and Bente Kahan
Directed by: Ellen Foyn Bruun
With Bente Kahan in both parts.

A monodrama about the encounter between a Norwegian language teacher of Jewish descent and an Iranian refugee who has been tortured by the fanatical regime which has assumed power.

Bessie - a Bluesical   more...
  by Ellen Foyn Bruun and Bente Kahan
Directed by: Ellen Foyn Bruun
With Bente Kahan as Bessie
Morten Gunnar Larsen: piano
Georg Michael Reiss: clarinet

Above the town   more...
  by Julian Garner
Directed by Rita Abrahamsen
With Bente Kahan and Michaela Spandow
Georg Michael Reiss: clarinet
Tom Karlsrud: accordeon